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Patient Retention

i. Startup Practice Business Plan/ Market Study
Are you planning to start a new practice for yourself but you are not sure how much money you need and where is the best location or geographic area for you to start? This is a critical phase and you need a comprehensive plan to predict every single step of your project. A successful practice not only requires good equipment, but also an excellent location, good financing, decent marketing plan and good management. We are expert in studying all aspects of the business and help you to prepare your plan, before you actually start your practice. First steps are critical, and with careful planning they are the key to your early survival and later success.

ii. Satisfaction Surveys/ Marketing Research
Do you know how satisfied your patients are? Do you know why people leave, or stay with your practice? These questions by themselves might not be important, but is helpful to know acquiring a new patient is almost seven times more expensive as retaining your present customers, satisfied and happy. We have a specialized team for designing and operating cost effective surveys and marketing research for you to understand how your practice works and how you can improve it to see more patients in your office.

iii. Appointment Reminder
How is your no show rate? Do you think you might want to improve it? Here is the solution. With respect to the dental software that you use, we have automatic appointment reminder systems that remind your patients about their next appointment. It could be via phone, with sending post cards, by sending e-mails, short messages and other possible media. We also can utilize our call center on your behalf to remind your patients about their upcoming appointment.

iv. Short Message and Mobile Marketing (SMS)
Whether you are your present customers about something or intiating a short message marketing campaign, we have the solution for you. It might be a part of your marketing strategy or as a separate need base campaign.

v. Patient Education
One of the most effective rules in patient retention is to offer value to your patents, so they will remain satisfied and return to you. One tool for this is to educate them. It can be through newsletters, periodic seminars, reports, brochures or on-line updates. Regardless of the vehicle, we can help you on patient education.

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