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Print Campaigns

i. Collateral
One of the most obvious and time honored techniques is to have items that the customers take home with them, both as a value added gift and as a brand reminder in their household. This includes items like pens, pads, fridge magnets, toothbrushes, floss. The item needs to be both functional and well made since it is acting as your ambassador when it leaves with them. We can help you with the decision processes and suggest items that you might not have thought of.

ii. Brochure Design
Your business card and brochure are one of the faces of your practice. Do you have effective ones now? Are they communicating to the audience you are trying to reach, and do they engage them in the process of both trusting and then acting? With 20 years experience in print media and branding, we can make you shine!

iii. Printing Services
The decision nowadays is not whether to market through print or the internet: the important question now is how much of each yields the most return on investment. There is a personal element to items that arrive in someone's mailbox, and they have more than one opportunity to interact with your message, as opposed to the one-read email marketing. We know how to craft your message so that it is welcomed at the other end. From direct mail to magazines, color printing has an advantage over newspapers in that it can show off white teeth.

iv. Logos and Stationary
Your logos, stationary and even your billing items all reflect on your practice. They either retain or alienate a customer. Every little bit adds up to your public image, and this is one of the most cost effective areas to work in. Business cards, brochures, appointment cards, recall card, Thank-you notes and gift certificates are all something you should have readily available in your office.

v. Postcard
An effective reminder and way to offer additional services, such as Invisalign or teeth whitening. It is important to limit the information to a simple, immediately graspable message, a call to action and the contact information.

vi. Mailing List and Mailing
It is 7 times more cost effective to retain and maintain existing customers than trying to generate new ones, and your customer database needs to be actively used. This can be augmented with bought mailing lists that target specific regions or segments. Mailings can be postcards, newspaper inserts, Valuepack Coupons; direct mail comes in all shapes and sizes, but as with everything else, needs to be a part of an organized campaign that weights each piece according to its value and return on investment.

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