Internet dental marketing vs. offline dental marketing

Most dentists are looking for ways to grow their dental practice these days. Since many people have a trusted family dentist who they have been using for years, if you are not competitive it will be even more difficult for you to attract new patients. As a result, dental professionals are now exploring their options to determine whether offline or internet dental marketing will be more effective. Essentially, the two types of marketing offer potential benefits and will depend on your client base and location.


Internet dental marketing vs. offline dental marketing

In the past, dentists would use straightforward advertisements to get new patients. This includes putting ads in the local Yellow Pages or newspapers and on radio or television. Similar to the advancements in dental technology today, the marketing strategies have changed. Without a strong presence online, through means such as a well-optimized website, patients will not find your dental practice.

While nothing is wrong with adding offline marketing strategies to your campaign, the Internet Dental Marketingresult will not give you a good return on your investment. For instance, it will cost you more than $2,000 monthly to advertise in magazines and the Yellow pages. Furthermore, you have to pay thousands to produce and get ads aired on television for just thirty seconds.

Even though offline dental marketing can be effective, a dental website will prove to be a valuable resource for patients. Having a dental website will give your patients the peace of mind in knowing that you are available to help them 24/7. Your dental website can provide a detailed biography, photos of your practice and staff, a gallery with before and after images and other valuable resources.

When you have an effective campaign for dental internet marketing, you can convey your message to prospective clients at the right moment when they are searching actively for a dentist. In addition, internet marketing will provide greater flexibility than the offline marketing because once a commercial or ad is produced its time consuming and expensive to change. Of course, there are times when offline marketing will be advantageous, but the internet must be the cornerstone for your dental marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind that having a website is not enough for internet dental marketing. You have to use various methods to ensure that your practice is getting a lot of exposure online. The internet marketing campaign for your dental practice should include comprehensive SEO or search engine optimization strategy to make sure that your website is showing in the top results on the major search engines. Other methods such as pay-per-click advertising and search engines such as Yelp can be effective when you want to target a particular audience.

When you compare internet dental marketing vs offline dental marketing, your dental practice can benefit from the two methods. However, you can get greater returns from your internet marketing efforts.

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