Dental Marketing – Importance of Videos to Attract More Patients

Dental marketing is increasingly making use of the internet because this is where most customers can be found. However, dentists are realizing that it is no longer sufficient to just have a website; the website should have what it takes to attract and retain the attention of customers. This has resulted in dentists realizing the importance of videos to attract more patients.

Videos are used in many websites, but they are especially useful where detailed procedures have to be explained. In fact, videos are now a very important part of online dental marketing because they are extremely effective at bringing in enquiries from new patients. They are effective because of a couple of reasons:

  1. Attractively produced videos are more effective at retaining visitors than ordinary Dental Marketingtext and images. People would rather click on a video and see something than take the trouble of reading text. This is especially correct in the instance of the dentist explaining various procedures and showing before and after images.
  2. People prefer watching videos to reading text because this enables them to get the information they seek very quickly and effortlessly.
  3. Video is especially effective in the case of patient testimonials. People who are looking for a new dentist will definitely want to find out about other people’s experiences first. Getting information from an actual patient helps them make up their mind easily. Dentists who focus on getting excellent testimonials from patients are generally able to get a lot more business.
  4. If the content is very useful and interesting then people are very likely to forward a link to it to their friends. This helps boost the search engine results page rankings, ensuring that even more people are likely to visit the website.

A dental website which doesn’t yet use video should immediately get working on this because it on losing out on many opportunities to get new patients or promote new procedures because of this oversight. The videos it ought to feature should showcase all the facilities at the clinic and the services it offers in addition to patient testimonials. It is also a good idea to include interviews with important members of the staff. Interestingly, well-produced videos are not very expensive to produce. They should therefore be an important part of a dental clinic’s marketing plan. The importance of videos to attract more patients is so great that these videos should be professionally produced or else they will not have the desired effect.