Web Marketing For Dentists – 3 Useful Tips

As a dentist, you need to ensure that you get plenty of new customers for your business because you cannot rely solely upon your existing patients. Web marketing for dentists is proving to be extremely effective and you will definitely benefit from adopting it as well. Not only can you get through to your target market easily this way but you can also save a lot of money if you invest time and money in online dental marketing. It is understood that most dentists have websites these days or else they miss out on many opportunities to do business. However, web marketing for dentists has progressed far beyond just having a website. The following tips for online dental marketing will be very useful for you:

  1. Use social media to engage with your customers: There are many social media Dental Marketingplatforms you could use because each one has its unique advantages. Facebook is probably the best known and it helps you share updates about your clinic as well as details of ongoing promotional activities. YouTube is a great medium for displaying videos about various procedures as well as patient testimonials. Twitter can be used to post updates. Pinterest is another great social media website. You can post wonderful pictures of what patients can expect to look like if they opt for a certain procedure.
  2. Create a smart phone website: You’ll need a separate website that is designed for small screens because lots of people use their smart phones to access the internet these days. The number of smart phone users is increasing at a very rapid pace because these phones are very convenient to use and are the latest status symbol.
  3. Use a blog to attract more people to your website: People are always eager to find out about the latest dental procedures. There are many topics that are of interest to patients; these topics include painless dentistry, oral health, teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry procedures. If your blog is updated frequently with useful articles then you will have lots of people visiting your site. This will not just increase your search engine rankings but it will also improve your standing as an expert in this field.

There are many things that have to be done as part of web marketing for dentists. It makes a lot of sense to hire a professional dental marketing expert to do this work on your behalf so that you can focus on looking after your patients.

Internet dental marketing vs. offline dental marketing

Most dentists are looking for ways to grow their dental practice these days. Since many people have a trusted family dentist who they have been using for years, if you are not competitive it will be even more difficult for you to attract new patients. As a result, dental professionals are now exploring their options to determine whether offline or internet dental marketing will be more effective. Essentially, the two types of marketing offer potential benefits and will depend on your client base and location.


Internet dental marketing vs. offline dental marketing

In the past, dentists would use straightforward advertisements to get new patients. This includes putting ads in the local Yellow Pages or newspapers and on radio or television. Similar to the advancements in dental technology today, the marketing strategies have changed. Without a strong presence online, through means such as a well-optimized website, patients will not find your dental practice.

While nothing is wrong with adding offline marketing strategies to your campaign, the Internet Dental Marketingresult will not give you a good return on your investment. For instance, it will cost you more than $2,000 monthly to advertise in magazines and the Yellow pages. Furthermore, you have to pay thousands to produce and get ads aired on television for just thirty seconds.

Even though offline dental marketing can be effective, a dental website will prove to be a valuable resource for patients. Having a dental website will give your patients the peace of mind in knowing that you are available to help them 24/7. Your dental website can provide a detailed biography, photos of your practice and staff, a gallery with before and after images and other valuable resources.

When you have an effective campaign for dental internet marketing, you can convey your message to prospective clients at the right moment when they are searching actively for a dentist. In addition, internet marketing will provide greater flexibility than the offline marketing because once a commercial or ad is produced its time consuming and expensive to change. Of course, there are times when offline marketing will be advantageous, but the internet must be the cornerstone for your dental marketing campaigns.

Keep in mind that having a website is not enough for internet dental marketing. You have to use various methods to ensure that your practice is getting a lot of exposure online. The internet marketing campaign for your dental practice should include comprehensive SEO or search engine optimization strategy to make sure that your website is showing in the top results on the major search engines. Other methods such as pay-per-click advertising and search engines such as Yelp can be effective when you want to target a particular audience.

When you compare internet dental marketing vs offline dental marketing, your dental practice can benefit from the two methods. However, you can get greater returns from your internet marketing efforts.

Dental Marketing Simplified – Online Patient Referral Programs For Dentists

All dentists are aware of the fact that referrals from patients are one of their best sources of new business. People are very particular about where they get their medical attention from and they will ask around a lot before they settle on any particular provider. If you are a dentist then one way you can get people to recommend your business is by providing exceptional service. Even so, this might sometimes not be sufficient and you need to do some marketing. You need to offer your patients an incentive to put in a good word about your clinic. If you sign up for an online referral program for dentists offered by dental marketing experts then you can easily build your practice.

Dental Marketing

A patient referral program generally offers discounts on services or value added services at the clinic. Many dentists also offer their patients a choice of vouchers from local restaurants, beauty salons, gift stores or other businesses. At the same time, they need to inform patients about this program so that they can take advantage of it to the satisfaction of all parties concerned. Therefore, dentists need to market their reward program effectively. The problem is that most dentists do not have sufficient knowledge about how to run and promote a patient referral program. Even if dentists know how to manage this program they rarely have the time to do it.

The simplest thing for a dentist to do is hire a dental marketing company to manage an online patient referral program. The marketing experts will devise an entire program that includes deciding on the gift to be offered, building a mailing list, choosing various online advertising media and doing the work necessary for promoting the program. It is one think to make an offer to patients but an entirely different thing to keep the referral program alive for a long time. Thankfully, an expert will take care of the program and will ensure that existing patients are motivated to bring in others. Managing it online helps simplify all the tasks.

You also need to make sure that your website provides complete information about your referral program. Further, you need to ensure that the company from which you buy the online patient referral program for dentists is an experienced one. Your clinic should also have posters and pamphlets with details about it so that patients can encounter them when they come to get their teeth treated.

Dental Website Design – 3 Things You Should Look For

As a dental practitioner, you need to ensure that you have a really good website that enables your prospective customers to find out about your practice. You’ll also need to build awareness about the different services you offer and how they can be used to enhance your patients’ life. Increasing numbers of people use the internet to get information on any subject. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that you make use of the best possible dental website design.

It is very common for business owners to hire a website design firm because this is a very specialized task that also requires a lot of monitoring. It is important to remember that while a website should be eye-catching, it should also be able to attract and retain the right kind of visitors.

Be sure to look for the following features in dental website design in order to ensure that your website is easy to locate and that it helps you achieve your business objectives:

  1. The page loads easily: If your web pages take very long to load then chances are that Dental Website Designvisitors will just navigate away from it. Try to avoid using a lot of images and animation because they make a page very bulky. Pictures do add value to the site, so you cant ignore them. Just make sure that you reduce their size.
  2. It is easy to navigate: Your site architecture should enable visitors to move easily from one page to the other so that they get the information they require. At the same time, you need to lead them to the information you wish to convey, for example new techniques that will earn you higher revenues.
  3. Your site should contain a blog: This is a very important feature of a site because you can use it to update the information about your practice and the various services you offer. This is also a good way to collect feedback from your patients. You can also use your blog to collect contact information of prospective and current clients so that you can get in touch with them later on.

The company that you hire for dental website design should also offer you a range of SEO services so that your site always ranks high for the right search criteria. The money you spend to have your website designed by a professional will give you excellent returns within a very short while.


Author bio: Find out what comprises good dental website design. Make sure that your website has these features so that you can attract the right clients to your dentistry practice.

Dental Advertising: Pros and Cons

Most dentists are spending money on dental advertising, but they are getting minimal ROI or return on investment. This is especially true when the advertising is done through traditional mediums like the yellow pages. Today, online dental advertising can deliver the best results since more people are using the internet to find services and products.
The information below will look at the pros and cons of dental advertising:

1. Online dental advertising offers one of the quickest and easiest ways for you to get a constant stream of new patients.
2. Advertising through a dental website will help to increase traffic, which leads to more clients coming into your practice.
3. Although bad advertising never yield results, focused, effective advertising strategies can let patients know that you care. This means that you are communicating with your patients directly.
4. Adding video and audio streaming functions to dental website will be a good way to highlight testimonials from previous clients. This is an extremely powerful advertising tool, because potential clients get to know what others have to say about your practice and staff.
5. Advertising through social media sites can deliver good results, much like word of mouth. For instance, if you are active on Facebook, Twitter and other networks you can offer free advice and information about modern procedures. Overtime, thousands of people will know about your dental practice and want to do business with someone who they trust.
6. An advertising campaign with before and after images can create a certain impact on potential clients. These images usually excite viewers and they are often encouraged to take action after looking at the results of real people.

Dental Advertising

As mentioned before, most dentists are spending lots of money on dental advertisements which are not delivering the desired results.
1. Most people are fed up with advertising messages which are bombarding them constantly, so it’s almost impossible to reach your target market. You have to find a dental advertising strategy that can stand out enough to attract prospects and avoid getting lost in the crowd of advertisers.
2. Your dental advertising will fail if more focused is placed on your practice and services, instead of potential clients.
For dental practice advertising to be successful, more focus must be placed on the needs and wants of prospective clients as well as show how your dental care can help to improve their life, get rid of their problems and give them the desired results.
These are just some of the pros and cons of dental advertising. As you can see, a flourishing practice must use online dental advertising because this medium is offering the most effective way to gain exposure in a competitive industry.

Dentist SEO Fundamentals

If you are thinking of using SEO marketing strategies to promote your dental business, it’s important to understand the fundamental concepts. Now, when it comes to dentist SEO the main objective is to drive more traffic to your website. This means that you need to have a website for your dental practice.

To get started, dentist SEO fundamentals should involve creating back links for your Dentist SEOwebsite. The process of sending back links to web pages is referred to as onsite page optimization. Basically, this means that your web pages will be optimized specifically for certain keywords. This link building strategy will increase your website ranking in the top search engines.

Now, if you want your dentist SEO marketing to be successful you should know how to carry out onsite page optimization. First, a title with the most appropriate key phrase will be needed. Note that this keyword phrase must also be included in the web content at least once after every 100 words. In addition, the targeted keyword phrase must be used in the header tags.

The next step is to send links to the action page on your dental website, which could be a form that first time patients would complete to get a special discount. Bear in mind that this lead capture form will be a very important component in your SEO marketing plan. This will allow you to get important information from prospects like their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. With this information in hand, you can come up with a strategy to get the prospective clients to make appointments to visit your office.


What is good about having onsite optimized pages is that you can create as much as you want with long tail keywords. Ultimately, more optimized pages will allow you to capture more leads.

Furthermore, your dentist SEO marketing strategies must be designed to get links back to the onsite optimized pages for your website to rank in the top ten. You can use different strategies to get back links, but article marketing has been proven to be more effective. This is one of the most powerful marketing tools today, which is why it’s used to promote all types of businesses including dental offices.

Once you have a good understanding of dentist SEO marketing fundamentals, you will get to stay ahead of the competition. Just remember that nearly everyone is online these days and most of them are doing quick searches before deciding on things like choosing a local dentist. Therefore, it’s very important for your dental business to have a strong presence both online and in your local area.

Dental Marketing – Importance of Videos to Attract More Patients

Dental marketing is increasingly making use of the internet because this is where most customers can be found. However, dentists are realizing that it is no longer sufficient to just have a website; the website should have what it takes to attract and retain the attention of customers. This has resulted in dentists realizing the importance of videos to attract more patients.

Videos are used in many websites, but they are especially useful where detailed procedures have to be explained. In fact, videos are now a very important part of online dental marketing because they are extremely effective at bringing in enquiries from new patients. They are effective because of a couple of reasons:

  1. Attractively produced videos are more effective at retaining visitors than ordinary Dental Marketingtext and images. People would rather click on a video and see something than take the trouble of reading text. This is especially correct in the instance of the dentist explaining various procedures and showing before and after images.
  2. People prefer watching videos to reading text because this enables them to get the information they seek very quickly and effortlessly.
  3. Video is especially effective in the case of patient testimonials. People who are looking for a new dentist will definitely want to find out about other people’s experiences first. Getting information from an actual patient helps them make up their mind easily. Dentists who focus on getting excellent testimonials from patients are generally able to get a lot more business.
  4. If the content is very useful and interesting then people are very likely to forward a link to it to their friends. This helps boost the search engine results page rankings, ensuring that even more people are likely to visit the website.

A dental website which doesn’t yet use video should immediately get working on this because it on losing out on many opportunities to get new patients or promote new procedures because of this oversight. The videos it ought to feature should showcase all the facilities at the clinic and the services it offers in addition to patient testimonials. It is also a good idea to include interviews with important members of the staff. Interestingly, well-produced videos are not very expensive to produce. They should therefore be an important part of a dental clinic’s marketing plan. The importance of videos to attract more patients is so great that these videos should be professionally produced or else they will not have the desired effect.