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Image Management / Branding

i. Image Design
What is your difference? Why people should select you? What is your competitive advantage? Are you a high end practice? Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, Healthy Kids and etc, yes or no? Let's put it in another way. When people recall you or your business, what do they have to recall and what brings them back? A successful business requires an Image Design to position itself in the mind of the target market. We will work with you to develop and design the business image. Building the image is the next step that will happen throughout the marketing campaigns over time.

ii. Word of Mouth!
Is there any better way to grasp the trust of new patient? Someone they trust referred you as their dentist. Or the other practice across the street sent the patients to you for your particular expertise. There are studies out there suggesting that trust is one of the major selection criterias and a referral can build it. Then you have to send your message out through word of mouth and build your reputation based on it!

iii. Reputation Management
Do you care about your reputation? (Who doesn't?) Internet made managing your image easier and at the same time, more complicated. Satisfied customers should be rewarded to share their experience and potential unsatisfied ones should be pinpointed and be satisfied. In the service sector, your publicity and image are virtually everything. This is the reason that you have to manage your reputation. There are studies out there suggesting an unsatisfied customer is seven times more willing to share his or her experience with other potential customers. So we have to keep them satisfied, together.

iv. Blog Management
Heard a lot about bloggers recently? They share their experiences and thoughts with readers. It is their media and they are good at it. So, pay attention to them and monitor this aspect of digital world closely. We can monitor blogs and digital word and aggressively search for any publicity about your business to make sure it is appropriate and it enhances your business and brings more customers for you. v. Publicity/ PR Have you been involved with the community and want to publicize it? Or want to offer some freebies and utilize news channels to publicize your practice? You want to use different Medias to build your reputation? We can work on it together. We have expertise in utilizing media to publicize your business and practice. Also, we know how to use your own resources in the best possible way to manage your public relation efforts.

vi. Community Involvement
Sponsoring an event is a great way to get your name out into the world and forge bonds of trust to your practice: most communities have events happening all the time in need of sponsors. Read the local newspaper for upcoming events. Alternatively, giving of your time or services to help in your community, even if it is unrelated to your practice, increases your connection to your clients and their fatith and loyalty to you.

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