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i. Search Engine Optimization (Dental SEO)
Some might think that it is enough to submit a website to as many search engines as possible to get high rankings. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If you do not optimize your web pages, then you won't get high search engine rankings. Also, 75% of searchers never look further than page one. Your website must appear in the top 10 results to be effective. When web surfers want to purchase something online, they go through three research phases. "Keywords for browsing", "Keywords for comparing" and "Keywords for buying" Web surfers usually start with general keywords. After becoming more educated about a particular product or service, they will use more specific keywords. As soon as the web surfers know what they want, they use specific keywords. We need to work on your web site to appear in the top 10 results for selected keywords. In the first step, we will work on the main page of the website to optimize it for at least three main key words.

These are the steps that we will take during the SEO process:
1. Find the best keywords serving the business
2. Competitors analysis
3. Optimize the website for these keywords
4. Submit the website to different search engines
5. Link buildings to the website
6. Result checking
7. Feedback and corrective actions

ii. Paid Search Marketing
Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is a form of marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages. As your many of your prospective consumers abandon traditional print media (like newspapers and paper yellow pages) and spend more time online, how can you turn local online searches into phone calls? Pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising was developed specifically for local and regional businesses. PPC costs will be charged through Search Engines such as Google.

These are common steps in a Paid Search Campaign:
1. Based on the nature of your business, generate a comprehensive geo-targeted keyword list. This list might contain approximately 1,000 keywords phrases.
2. Set-up accounts with the major search sites and allocate project budgets across them, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask. Also, with business directories such as YP, Google, Yahoo and Yelp.
3. Create online text ads that will grab attention and generate the traffic for your business.
4. If necessary, use a solution to display a proxy version of the website and phone number so we can track the phone calls, emails, e-commerce sales, coupons printed and forms submitted as a result of your online campaign.
5. Perform daily monitoring of keywords and use bid management software to give the web site the best visibility on the search sites in relation to developed budget.
6. Maximize the return over 3-6 months by focusing your budgets on the keywords that create the best leads.
7. Use a solution to publish periodic summaries of the campaign activity and provide password-protected online reports and lead history.

iii. Social Media Marketing for Dental Practice
People invest their time and money in people. You need a platform in which to communicate. A platform with an engaging, distinctive voice with an attractive look that has an easy to use, easy to navigate interface. Your website can incorporate the social networking tools and awaken your dormant customers. Social networking sites are relationship building and relationship maintenance tools; the most obvious business use of them is to meet potential customers and leads the same way you would at networking event or tradeshow. However, you can also use it to:
1. Develop and promote your brand
2. Interact with your customer base
3. Track what people are saying about your company and brand
4. Create buzz around upcoming events
5. Help individual employees act as liaisons to the public
6. Promote other content you've created, including webinars, blog posts or podcasts 7. Develop direct relationships with bloggers and journalists for potential PR placement You need to build and maintain business pages and attract potential customers. It is the new trend in business!

iv. Dental Website Development
We can create an effective high profile website for you or modify your current site to be more effective. From structure to fully customized content, we guide you through the process and ensure that your message isn't diluted. You get:
• Impressive high-quality site design, optimized for search engines
• Professionally written content
• Custom site design options
• Website Hosting assistance
• Logo Design

v. Email Marketing
This is the easiest way to target your potential customers. With our services it is easy to create, send, and track email newsletters, surveys, and autoresponders. Email marketing helps you to remind your customers to come back and even more, encourage potential customers to use your offerings. Email marketing places you in consumer's inboxes, keeping you in mind with people who want to hear from you. With our services, you can see who opened your emails, who forwarded them to friends, and even who you need to resend them to.

vi. Display and Affiliated Marketing
Almost 41% of internet users spend their time surfing the web compared to about 5% searching. Considering a balanced mixed of marketing pull and marketing push strategies, you need to buy, setup, track, report and optimize media to build your brand and attract customers. By spending less than 10% of their ad dollars on-line, local businesses are missing the opportunity to reach consumers where they spend 42% of their time. In this step, we will develop your ad to appear on top national sites, targeted to local visitors who are more likely to become new customers. You will have the flexibility and power to choose the right media mix for your business from some of the top publishers in the internet and select media by publisher type, format, pricing and etc.

In this phase we can do the following based on the package you select:
1. Remarketing: Advertise to people who have previously visited your website to recapture their interest.
2. Behavioral targeting: Advertise to people who have shown recent online behaviors/ interests that are relevant to your business.
3. Endemic Targeting: Advertise to people who are in category-specific sites relevant to your business.
4. Geo-targeting: Advertise to people in your geographic location and apply it to all campaigns.
5. Engagement base optimization: Steer your ad to the sites that are most cost effective in bringing people to your business.
6. Contextual targeting: Advertise to people on sites featuring content related to your business.

vii. Dental Blog Marketing and Development
With an interactive nature, a blog adds a new dimension to business communication with customers. Engaging in the conversation is absolutely essential for your business's success in the blogosphere. By developing your business blog, you can share your ideas, updates and trends and make sure to receive customer's feedback on it rather than spending your dollars on experiments. Furthermore, it helps you to increase the publicity of your business for search engines and receive a better rank there too. We can help you to start and keep your business blog up-to-date. We can help you with developing new content and manage and monitor your blog for your practice.

viii. Patient newsletter (Paper copy and on-line)
Email newsletters are fast and inexpensive to create. Also, they are easy to forward to other people. With newsletters, you can keep your customers up to date on your business and the industry changes. They can trust you more over time by knowing you as a reliable source and so increases your retention rate.

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