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i. Your Front Office
Once you have attracted a client, their experience begins at the front desk. The colors of the waiting room, the music, the magazines, the plants and the receptionist are all part of their experience. In the same way that people form opinions based on letterhead and logos, the most visceral immersion will be in the waiting room. We analyze that experience and can suggest ways to correct issues and maximize strengths. It starts at the street…what do patients and potential patients see when they approach your building?

ii. Office Display and Design
If you are a startup or have the flexibility to remodel, we can jump in right at the architectural planning stage, and optimize your practice from a cost and image basis. We have architects, faux painters, soundcrafters and carpenters that can take away the anxiety of the "blank slate".

iii. Yellow Pages and Local Directories
While many customers still use the Yellow Pages, clearly the field has changed with the internet. Knowing who is using what allows you to budget an appropriate amount to phone book advertising. We help you develop an eye catching effective message that is on point with the thrust of your marketing efforts.

iv. News Paper Ad
In every market there are the larger players in media and then many smaller localized delivery systems that while limited in distribution (20,000 or less) may have some very targeted audiences. As part of your campaign, we weight what proportion should be allocated to emarketing, and where dollars can be effectively directed into print media.

v. Radio
Radio is the secret weapon for dentists. By engaging your audience on an auditory level as well, so they are seeing your ads, hearing your spots, and receiving emarketing, you become the remembered option when a dental choice comes up. Radio is targeted to specific audiences, so a campaign is crafted based on the target and pitched directly to their needs, as an honest and persuasive communication.

vi. TV
TV is one of the most powerful tools for projecting an image and message directly to clients, and is of course one of the most expensive of all the tools. It becomes cost effective in specific campaigns when a particular difference or special offering, such as Invisalign, can be positioned so that your practice comes easily to mind when someone is making their Dental choice. We can help guide you through the decision process for when the cost has a worthwhile return on investment and ensure that any spots are well pitched to engage the target audience.

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