Major Types of Dental Marketing Online

Dental Marketing Online is a very important element for the success of dental professionals today. Providing good quality dental treatment will lead to returning patients. However, it’s even more important to implement effective campaigns for dental marketing online not just to attract patients, but for the overall success of the clinic.

Due to the widespread use of social media networks and the internet in general, online dental marketing now plays a major role in the marketing campaigns for successful practices. The information in the following paragraph will highlight the major types of online dental marketing:

1. Dental SEO or Search Engine Optimization:

SEO for dentists includes techniques that will increase a website’s position in the search engine results which comes from the top search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google drives most of the traffic but the others shouldn’t be ignored either. For dental SEO to be successful, one must have experience in the dentistry industry as well as knowledge of innovative technology.

2. Dental Marketing Online on YouTube:

Using videos for dental marketing online can be extremely effective. The videos on YouTube can be used as a powerful marketing tool when it comes to attracting new patients, especially if there are clips with testimonials from satisfied clients recommending the dental practice as well as others showcasing the clinic itself.

3. PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising of Dental Website:

Whenever users search for a particular keyword, they will get two different search results. The sponsored results, often appears on the top and top right section on the page and the organic results, comes after the sponsored results. The dental PPC campaigns are designed to make the dentist website visible on the sponsored search results from Google, Yahoo and others in order to attract more clients.

It’s worth mentioning that PPC dental marketing can also be done on FaceBook. To achieve success, the marketing will target Facebook users in a certain demographic. Dentists can make use of this feature when advertising their practice in local areas as well as to target certain customers.

4. Dental Marketing Online on Twitter:

Increasingly more dental practices are using Twitter to communicate with patients and keep them updated with the latest news about their services and practice. Check another comprehensive published blog post on the success factors of Facebook Dental Marketing and Twitter Dental Marketing.

5. Dental Marketing Online on Facebook:

This type of dental marketing online is different from the PPC Advertising method mentioned above. Dentists are able to capitalize on Facebook’s functionality and create a professional page for their dental practice. This page can then be updated regularly with new information and a fan page can be created for satisfied patients. This will help to attract prospective patients and encourage existing ones to return. Check Facebook for Dentists for more information.

6. Yelp Dental Marketing:

The ultimate goal of dental Yelp marketing is to attract more clients by leveraging the positive reviews and any other information that is available on the Yelp page. With the help of Yelp marketing efforts, dentists will get reports in regards to page visits as well as the opportunity to set-up a slideshow or video profile. Besides that, when prospective patients search for a particular dental practice on Yelp, the results will highlight special offers and deals. Check more information about Yelp for Dentists as part of your Dental Online Reputation Management strategy.

If you want to improve your practice and attract more clients, you should take advantage of these mediums for dental marketing online. Keep in mind that these campaigns will be different for specialists and general dentists.

At DDS Strategy, dental marketing online is an inseparable part of our marketing campaigns for dentists tailor-made for success of a dental practice. Contact us today for more information about our dental marketing services.     

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Dental SEO 101

What is Dental SEO in 500 words or less?

Dental SEO or Dentist SEO is mainly referred to SEO for dentists and dental practices.  In other words, Dental SEO is referred to the techniques that are used as part of SEO process customized for dentistry. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a series of techniques, processes and routines that is used to rank your website higher in the search results from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines when people search for terms that may be of your business interest.

Considering dental website marketing as an important part of dental marketing strategies as a whole, dentist SEO is how you benefit from having a dental website. Without search engine optimization, dental websites are just showcases that nobody visits. What is the use of having a website that you can’t benefit from for driving more patients to your dental office? Right dental search engine optimization is how at times your competitors get 5, 10 or more new patients each month from their dental websites and hence it may be the answer to your prayers for more patients.

Search Engine Optimization in its core can be considered as a popularity contest. In other words, similar to real life, search engines tend to rank the websites with more, better and more relevant votes higher. In real life if you want to establish yourself as an authority in an area, let’s say “orthodontist in Chicago” for the sake of example, the more votes you get from fellow specialists the better. The more dentists endorse you and the more authoritative they are; you get more business. Similar rules apply for SEO in general and more specifically for Dental SEO. The more votes your dental website gets from other websites and the more authoritative those referrers are the better your website gets ranked.

Dental SEO needs years of experience to be performed properly, but to over-simplify it; the content of dental websites and their backlinks are the two major elements that affect their rankings. Backlinks of a dentist website are the referrals that site gets from other websites. When another website links to your dental website, it is a backlink. Both content and backlinks are important in your website’s ranking. The fresher more relevant search engine optimized contents, the better ranking. The more number of backlinks, the more relevant referrers’ websites and the better backlinking structure, the better ranking.

This article was just an introduction but you can read other articles from our dental blog to learn more about Dental SEO. At DDS Strategy, Dental SEO is one of our popular services. We would love to help you improve your dental website’s ranking and get more patients. Call or email us today for more information.

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Dental Office Marketing Ideas

Easy Dental Marketing Ideas that make a difference

Are you looking for new dental marketing ideas that dramatically increase the number of new patients to your dental office? They might not be that hard to find after all. Here’s a checklist of some easy to implement dental office marketing ideas:

  • Have creative Dental Goodies. People love dental goodies and they can be durable and a reminder of your practice for some time. Stuck for ideas? Come up with a list of items that can be used as gifts, such as piggy banks, dolls, etc., Think outside the box to combine them with dental elements such as making them in the shape of a tooth, etc., Add some fun to it and there you go: you have a creative dental gift.
  • Make sure you have proper dental print material such as dental flyers, dental brochures, dental post cards, etc.
  • Have you ever used dental mail marketing? Why not? Too expensive to start and long investment commitment? Still, it is worth looking further into.
  • Dental Website, Dental Website, Dental Website… Why I am repeating this so much. Because if you are one of those dentists who is still wondering about it, you are just far behind. Many other online dental marketing ideas have emerged and people are into social media and review websites. Your dental website is just the start. There are many companies out there that design dental websites. We are there for you as well. Don’t just think about it. Act today.
  • Join social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. That’s the first step to benefiting from social media for dental office marketing. A lot of work? Well, social media are not only part of everyday life, they are becoming part of basic literacy. Just do it.
  • Get a Google Places listing for your dental clinic. If set up correctly, it counts as a second dental website and hence brings twice as patients. Don’t know what that is? Read more about in this blog post: …

O.K. Those were some dentist marketing ideas for you and there are much more. Read other blog posts on our dental marketing blog and you’ll get a good grasp of old and new trends in dental practice marketing. Limited time? Call or email us as easy as clicking a button here and we will be happy to help you out at DDS Strategy.

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Strategic Dental Marketing; an Overview

Where Strategic Thinking meets Dental Marketing

Strategic Dental Marketing is the application of strategic thinking and planning for dental practices. It goes without saying that the first step is will be development of a unique strategy for the dental practice based on internal factors, environment and competition.

Internal factors are the strengths and weaknesses of the dental practice compared to fellow practices. As an example length of time in practice could be considered a strength for a dental office that has been in business for a long time and a weakness for a start-up practice. The goal from internal analysis of the practice and identifying strengths and weaknesses is to emphasize the strengths and stay away from weaknesses in your dental marketing campaigns. As an example, for a start-up practice, the credentials of the dentist could be one possibility to emphasize as the main point in dental marketing campaigns.

The other major element of strategic dental marketing is external factors. External analysis of the dental clinic revolves around identification of opportunities and threats in the environment, in this case mostly the local neighborhood, finding strategies to benefit from opportunities and to be shielded from the threats. The important element of the external analysis is competition and the important step is competitors’ study.

The outcome of strategic dental marketing planning is the roadmap of the growth of the practice. That roadmap will be translated to dentist marketing campaigns, tactics or activities including a timeline and goals. The goals could be an increase in the number of new patients, increase in retention ratio for the patients or could be defined in financial terms such as collection or revenue.

The benefit of strategic dental marketing over jumping from medium to medium and tactic to tactic on a trial and error basis is that it provides a better ROI (return on investment) for the dentist. Eventually, dental practice marketing is a necessary factor of a dental practice’s growth, and not planning properly only means more investment with less results. There are numerous dentist marketing tactics that can be conducted for a dental clinic and planning will facilitate identifying the ones most worthy of investment.

Strategic Dental Marketing is the best approach toward a continuous and stable stream of new patients for a dental practice and it is our approach at DDS Strategy. We help dentists define what dentist marketing campaigns bring them the most patients with the least investment and while educating the dentist about possibilities, we implement the most effective ones. Contact Us today for more information.

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