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Analysis and Strategy

When you go to a dentist, your dentist takes your xray, does the examination, the diagnostics and then, comes up with a treatment plan. So far so good? We do the same thing, for your practice for free. Because you try to be the best in your job and you want patients to know it, you need to publicize yourself and get patients to trust you and select you as their dentist. It is ineffective to just do a website and a mailing or put a random ad in Yellow Pages or local magazines. These activities have effects, but you are not making the most out of your marketing dollars or your efforts.

You need to understand your target demographics, their behavior and the media they trust or the way that they make up their mind to buy dental services. Then you need to position yourself in their mind as "The Dentist" by marketing and promotional activities. How? We partner with you in this effort. We will sit with you and review your business strategy and your marketing activities. Based on your specialty, the area that you are active there, your patient's demography and your situation, we diagnose your practice to find the areas for improvement from a marketing view point. Then, based on your budget and your goals, we plan the next steps together to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

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